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ZAP Reservations

ZAP Reservations brings simplicity to scheduling, ensuring ​smooth operations and happy customers with just a few ​clicks. ZAP Reservations – where reservations become an ​experience.

What’s Included

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Admin Dashboard

Easily manage your services and availability via your own management platform

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Effortless ​Process

No more phone calls - ​customers can instantly reserve ​a table through this simple, ​user-friendly interface.

Real Time ​Availability

Provide real-time insights ​into table availability. Allow ​customers to choose the ​perfect time for their visit.

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Self-Service ​Flexibility

Put control in the hands of your ​customers. Easily allow them to ​adjust the number of guests, ​change the reservation time or ​update other details.

Personalised ​Notifications

Keep your customers in the ​loop with confirmation of ​their reservation, updates on ​table readiness and more.

Branch ​Customization

Easily set-up and control ​everything on a per branch ​level - from reservation ​availability, to timeslots, and ​capacity.



Reserve with Google

Pay to Reserve

with Paymongo

In-Store Mobile App

Manage reservations with your own in-​store app*

*android device required

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Update Bookings

Effortlessly update bookings on your device, ​with easy access to customer details. ​Enhance in-store efficiency and deliver ​exceptional service with ease.

Track and Sort Bookings

Experience unparalleled control over reservations ​with our real-time app. Sort seamlessly by date, ​time, or status, optimizing your workflow.

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Your Own Website

Create a fully-branded landing page t​o provide a unique destination for ​your onlin​e​ audience.

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How to Get Started



Meet with our ​Sales Team


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Sign the contract



Pay the ​subscription fee


Guide Book

Fill out publishing ​guide


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Log into your ​account

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Smart Seating.

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